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UK Average Salary Graphs

UK Average Salary Graphs

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The average salary in the UK is a marker which lets you know how much you get paid compared to the rest of the population.

Rather than taking the official government statistics which are updated only every few years, we've partnered with salary experts to show up-to-date information calculated from surveys completed by people just like you.


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We have graphs on average salaries by gender, experience, company size, employment type, city and industry. If you want to find out the average salary for your specific job and location, try out our Salary Calculator or take the full PayScale survey.

Average UK Salary by Gender


Average UK Salary by Number of Years' Experience


Average UK Salary by Company Size (number of employees)


Average UK Salary by Employment Status


Average UK Salary by City


Average UK Salary by Industry

Try out the Salary Calculator or take the full PayScale survey.