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The Monster CV template

The Monster CV template

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Ok, so here it is, you guys asked and we delivered. This is the CV template you need to use on Monster when setting up a 'Visible' CV specifically. Why, you ask?

First, let's explain what a 'Visible CV' is and what goes on in the background. Employers who post a job on Monster can run a search for all CVs that have their status set to 'Visible'. If your CV matches up with what they're looking for - Monster will present them with your document. Not only that, but the more relevant it is to their job spec, the higher it will appear in their results.

Pretty nifty, right? This cuts down on you browsing job lists for something suitable, since they'll be browsing in the background for someone just like you!


So why this CV template?

The Monster CV search is sophisticated. It looks at how you've applied your skills, over what time frame and assigns a relevancy score. The more relevant and timely your experience is, the higher your CV will score against a job spec that requires your skills.

This template has been set up with correct placements for dates, skills and experience, along with small pointers on how to include them to help showcase these to an employer. Follow this template and the four checkpoints below to start ranking higher and increase your chances of employers finding you significantly:

CV upload checklist

1. Make sure your dates of employment are in line with your job title, as shown in the template below

2. Make sure you list your skills used/gained within the experience section for each role. The Monster CV search engine will look for how relevant each skill is to mark you up for a potential employer. If skills are in a section all by themselves as bullets, these will make less contextual sense

3. If you've changed jobs at the same company, list these out as two separate experiences, complete with new job title and dates.

4. Name your CV with your current or prospective job title for which it is tailored to (e.g. Don't name your CV "Your Name CV" or "CV 2", but instead name it in accordance to what job title it's meant to capture - "Product Manager" or "Marketing/Sales Manager" etc.

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